Saturday, January 30, 2010

Greenville's Peace Center - Greedy Bastards!

Lovely Melissa was kind enough to get tickets to tonight's (1/30/2010) performance of Wicked at The Peace Center in Greenville, South Carolina - it was a Christmas present for the both of us and one that I was keenly looking forward to since I had already read the book.

Well, as most people who pay any attention at all to the weather will know, the Carolinas got lambasted with snow, sleet, everything else - to the point that the roads are next to impassable. Even though we have a four wheel drive vehicle, there is no way we would go down the mountain to Greenville, SC especially since the majority of Greenville's weather the past 24 hours has been ice and lots of it.

Regardless, The Peace Center is not cancelling and/or postponing tonight's performance of Wicked saying that the show is still on due to limited ticket availability. Yep, that's right - "limited ticket availability". I think what is more obvious is that The Peace Center considers ticket receipts as more important than human lives. Even the South Carolina Department of Public Safety strongly encouraged people to stay off the roads if at all possible.

One would also think that the staff of Wicked would not want any of their fans in harm's way... I dunno - they aren't saying anything.

Regardless, We have to give Hilton Hotels a lot of props because they refunded our hotel stay and it was prepaid. We were so happy with what Hilton did for us that we are staying at one of their hotels in Orlando for Mega-Con in March 2010 and that will be a seven night stay.

The bottom line is that The Peace Center can do the right thing if they want - looks to me that they are nothing but a bunch of greedy bastards....

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