Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Putting A Big Book On eBay....

UPDATE - 10/6/2010: Well, eBay has another special where we can list any item auction style for any listing price for only 10¢ per listing again. So we've listed Circus The Comic Riot #1 again at the low, low price of only $1550 - a cool $1000 below guide price. Auction ends this Sunday, 10/10/2010 at 8:00 p.m. EDT. Here's your chance to own a scarce, milestone comic book for a fraction of guide price!

UPDATE - 8/23/2010: Well, the book didn't sell and in fact - at the time of this edit - ONLY attracted ONE WATCHER and only 27 VISITS! Gee, I thought a book as important as this one would at least attract some traffic. Wonder if it is just the low summer eBay traffic or was the price too high? Current Overstreet guide value is $2550 in 7.0 but this was a CGC 7.0 - anyway, it was a good experiment to do and might do a few more just to see what will happen.

eBay just recently announced a promotion in which sellers could post up to a 100 hundred auctions at ANY starting price......for free. The promotion runs from August 3rd to September 3rd and it is one of the very few eBay promotions that caught my eye.

Like frequent flyer miles programs, there are a ton of restrictions like you can't have an eBay Store or fixed priced listings or listings in eBay Motors, Professional Services....etc., etc.

Circus The Comic Riot #1Well....even though I have 8 fixed priced items on eBay right now, I decided to throw a big book up there and see what would happen. So to the left is a small image of Circus The Comic Riot #1 from 1938 with a CGC grade of 7.0 or FINE/VERY FINE. This book is a comic milestone as it features the early works of Will Eisner, Jack Cole (his 2nd comic work ever), Batman creator Bob Kane and Basil Wolverton - hard to imagine these four giants of the industry in one book together. It's a tough book to find and even tougher to find in mid to high grade. The book has a starting price of $2795.00 which after eBay and PayPal fees, leaves this poor ol' dealer taking less than guide for a key book (I'm sure the pity parties are starting even as this is posted....). If you want to find out a lot more about this book, Network Disclosure has a great article on it.

The neat thing is even though I have those fixed priced items up on eBay, I wasn't charged an insertion fee so I have that going for me. Anyway, take a look....even bid if you like.... Will put up some more high priced items on Sunday - might as well see if some good traffic can be generated! Again, I luv Internet Marketing....just need to know more about it.