Friday, June 5, 2015

New Walkin' Willie's Comix Discount Comic Books Pricing Structure!

Starting on Saturday, June 6, 2015, you will see a big pricing structure change at Walkin' Willie's Comix Discount Comic Books. Depending on the current price of any book on the site, we will begin decreasing the price of the book every day until it is sold or bottoms out at $0.10 - that's right, a lousy stinkin' DIME! How does this work? After a book is added to inventory, the price will drop daily if the book remains unsold after a week. So after seven days from when the book was added to inventory, the price decreases will occur according to the table below:

$0.10 $1.50 $0.01
$1.49 $3.00 $0.02
$2.99 $7.00 $0.03
$6.99 $13.00 $0.04
$12.99 $25.00 $0.05
$24.99 $50.00 $0.06
$49.99 $75.00 $0.07
$74.99 $100.00 $0.08
$99.99 $150.00 $0.09
$149.99 $200.00 $0.10
$199.99 $300.00 $0.15
$299.99 $400.00 $0.20
$399.99 $500.00 $0.25
$499.99 $1000.00 $0.50
$999.99   $1.00

There are a few reasons for this change. One is obviously to generate more business, another is to clear out inventory. Still another is if a book goes all the way down to a dime and doesn't sell within, say a month, then that book will be pulled from inventory and thrown in a box to blowout in a local auction - no sense in having books on the website that nobody wants. This new pricing structure also allows the market to drive the price.

Here is what a sample listing will look like starting tomorrow:

Note that you will see a starting price and then the current price - this will let you know how far the book has been discounted. All new inventoried books published prior to 1984 will be set at 90% of current Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide for the grade we assign to the book - and again, let the market drive the eventual selling price. Modern books are a crap shoot and we will just assign what we think would be a top dollar selling price - considering the relative demand for the book - and let things play out. If you have concerns about grading please take a look at our eBay feedback. Scroll through some of the pages and see what others think. Thanks for taking a look and hope you find something you like!