Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Discount Comic Books - They Are Everywhere.....

Can't go to Comic-Con International in San Diego this year? No problem...

Every comic book you can think of is on the internet in one way or another. There are thousands of sites up now - some of them are comic dealer's own sites ( and to name just two...) and others are auction/store type sites like eCrater, eBid, Bonanzle, Comic Link and Comic Connect. And of course, there is the 800 lb Gorilla in the room ... eBay (which has shed a few pounds for sure...) ....I...have...only...scratched...the...surface.

Sure, we want our share of the pie too. That's why we are putting up thousands of books on our discount comic book site - We are in the middle of putting up a nice run of bronze and copper age X-Men and a huge run of DC Romance and Silver/Bronze Wonder Woman will be up in the coming weeks. We have a lot of Atomic Age Western stuff too. Don't believe we have great discounts? Here's a copy of Superman #300 in FINE condition from a reputable dealer for $8.99 - we have the same book in FINE for $1.99 - I could give a ton of examples just like that one but you get the picture.

The main message here is that great comic books can be had for ridiculously low prices if you do your due diligence. This is a buyer's market - take advantage of it!

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