Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Don't Buy Trades From Walkin' Willie's Comix!

What in the heck is going on here! Willie, shut up!

Now that I have your attention.... What I meant to say was: Don't buy trades or hardcovers from Walkin' Willie's Comix website.....but please buy from ol' Willie during convention season this year.

The reason for the above is that Walkin' Willie's Comix is getting out of the trade and hardcover business. Wny? Well, we just can't compete on price anymore - that's the main reason. When customers are coming up to your booth at conventions with an Amazon
list of trade prices that are at 50% of retail - or lower... - you get the idea pretty quickly that you just can't compete against that sort of volume. But let's look at an example - take The Walking Dead Volume 13 trade paperback that was released last November at a list price of $14.99 can now be had on Amazon - brand new mind you - for a measly $4.95 at the time of this blog entry! Well, my Diamond Comic Distributor discount was 50% so if we sold them for $4.95, we would be losing $2.55 per book - you just won't stay in business making that deal each week.

Any comic dealer selling new merchandise will tell you that the worst deal they make every week is their shipment from Diamond because if you don't get an immediate sell through, your margins aren't squat. Now if you are a brick and mortar comic book retailer, you can use your weekly shipments as loss leaders as the really nice margins for comic book retailers comes from buying collections and piecing them out for sale.

So....if I were you, I would not buy from Walkin' Willie's Comix unless it was a CGC book where the inventory is smaller but iron tight. We will soon be taking all of the trades of the website.

The good news is that you can get some really good deals from us at the one-day comic shows around North Carolina as we are blowing out the trades and hardcovers. First up is this weeks Fanaticon in beautiful downtown Asheville, NC - more on that very, very shortly.

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