Monday, June 28, 2010

Time To Squidoo.....

Well, I'm probably the last one on the block to write a Squidoo lens. If you are living under a rock, is an article repository where anybody can write articles for free in the hope that people find them interesting, click on links, generate some modicum of revenue for the author and so on.

Blogs seem best for short articles that describe the daily experiences and happenings of the author and hopefully provide some interesting tidbits to the general public - whether it is on comics or anything else. Squidoo lenses seem better for long articles that have to do with a specific subject and - for the most part - are considered "evergreen" articles. Evergreen articles might be a "How To" article or a critique of a book - in other words, they have no expiration date.

Well, I just published a two part Squidoo "lens" titled "So You Want To Sell Your Comic Collection". Part 1 is here and Part 2 is there. The articles are a little long for blogging so I thought that Squidoo would be the perfect place for these little "gems of prose".

By the way, Squidoo names their articles "lenses" because they are articles that has the author's "focus". Sounds reasonable....

Anyway, comments are certainly welcome and solicited!

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