Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mega-Con Day 1 & Load-In From Hell....

Usually, the Thursday load-in for a big con is uneventful but not the case for Mega-Con this year...

Not only did we have to load in our stuff in a virtual monsoon but the seals on our cart tires blew out and we had to scurry to find one. Luckily, Chad from Apocalypse Comics let us use his and we finally got the job done but not until 8:30 PM!!!! Ouch.... Nonetheless, had one really nice sale while setting up so that took the sting out of an otherwise laborious, frustrating day.

The really neat thing is that I took the cart to Riker's Automotive Tire Center over on Central Florida Parkway and they fixed the cart and didn't charge me a cent!!! Well, that sort of thing makes you stop and think - after all, these folks didn't know me from Adam's housecat -and could have easily charged me $20.00 per tire to fix the flats - I would not have complained one bit as a comic dealer's cart is a huge piece of one's convention livlihood. It's not like I live in Orlando and would be a regular customer - they just did a nice thing, simple as that. So a huge shout out to Sean Davis and his co-workers at Riker's Automotive Tire Center - what a nice bunch of folks!

As far as the show is concerned, sales were good but attendees were kicking tires and casing the joint. Did sell a Strange Worlds #1 - CGC 9.0 - poppin' a big book like that always makes the first day nice. Marvel's Kick-Ass hardcover is the hot book right now - sold four on Friday and only have three left - they will go today. In fact, Saturday at a Mega-Con is wild and is by far the biggest sales day.

Good....looking forward to it.

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